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RPC | Topanbieter | austropack | (c) RPC

RPC Group

RPC Group is a €4bn global design and engineering company specialising in polymer conversion for both packaging and non-packaging markets. 

Packs from RPC combine flexibility and creativity in design with a number of practical benefits, including user-friendliness, functionality and effective product protection. Plastic packs also enjoy a strong environmental profile, thanks to their light weight, energy efficiency and recyclability.

The company's expertise in design and manufacturing covers a diverse range of markets including food and drink, cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceuticals, garden and DIY, household, industrial, vehicles, and technical components.

As well as a vast range of standard containers and closures, the company's expert in-house design teams can create bespoke packs for individual customer requirements. A wealth of high quality decoration options provide further opportunities for packs to be individualised to help create a unique brand identity and shelf stand-out.

RPC was established in 1991. It has over 185 operations in 33 countries and employs more than 23,800 people, with annual sales in excess of €4 billion. The company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1993 and entered the FTSE 250 in March 2011.

Its unique autonomous structure means that individual sites within the group have high levels of knowledge and expertise in particular technologies and market sectors. Together with its widespread global footprint, RPC can provide a tailored service to customers of all sizes on a local, national and international basis.

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RPC Group Plc

Sapphire House
Crown Way
UK-Rushden NN10 6FB

T| +44 (0)1933 416528
M| enquiries@rpc-group.com
W| www.rpc-group.com


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